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If you value the comfort and quality of service, you also expect a sustainable price, then you are in the right place.

Take advantage of opportunities for recreation and recreation in the area surrounded by a wonderful mixed forest, with the use of hiking, cycling, exercise room, sauna, good food and comfortable accommodation.

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styczeń, 2019

05styallday11alldayRekolekcje Ignacjańskie (III i IV tydzień) 5-11.01.2019

12styallday18alldayRekolekcje ignacjańskie (fundament) 12-18.01.2019

18styallday20alldayNeokatechumenat 18-20.01.2019

21sty(sty 21)11:0926(sty 26)11:09Warsztaty taneczno-wokalne 21-26.01.2019

25sty(sty 25)11:1127(sty 27)11:11Forum młodych 25-27.01.2019

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